Saturday, 15 April 2017

Sometimes It's More Fun to be the Bad Egg

Hi Everyone!

Since Easter is tomorrow, I just wanted to share a fun little
Easter project I finally finished!
(Started it last year!)

Last year I bought a small carton of eggs so I could use the packaging for an Easter project I wanted to make.  However, I was too lazy to paint the carton and the project never got made.
Well, I finally finished it!!!

Used Jaded Blossom Eggcelent Stamp set, Spring Dies, Spring Dies 2, Fall Dies, Rectangle Dies and Mini Tag Dies 2.

I love the sentiments and faces on the Eggcelent stamp set!  
They work perfectly with the faces on the plastic eggs!

These peach flavoured eggs are my favourite, they are so yummy!
Had to make 2 trips to the candy store, I ate all the eggs before my project was ready!

Had so much fun putting this one together,  hope you like it!

Have a Happy Easter!


  1. these are so adorable I love how those faces turn out great job, and now I have to ask where did you find the candy gummie eggs? please and thank you

  2. These eggs are super fun! Thier facial expressions made me giggle! Happy Easter to you!

  3. OMGOSH!! I Soooo LOOOOVE this project! It's FUN & adorably CUTE Nancy! Really creative!

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations